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Download the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools 2023 Fact Sheet below.

Florida’s charter schools continue to see robust growth in student enrollment, proof that Florida families want and need charter schools in their communities. Florida’s charter schools offer a wide variety of learning environments to meet students’ academic needs and interests. 42 new charter schools opened in 16 counties in 2022-23. 382,367 students enrolled in Florida charter schools. An increase of 20,428 charter school students.

The Florida Department of Education has measured the academic performance of students aending public charter schools for many years. These reports have shown that year aer year, public charter school students outperform traditional public school students in most grade levels and in most academic subjects. Charter schools also do a beer job overall in closing the achievement gap between White and Black students and White and Hispanic students.

2k23 Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 719KB

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