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Supply Lists

Supply lists are made by your child's classroom teacher for the upcoming school year. Teachers carefully craft their class supply lists to ensure that every student is equipped with the necessary supplies for the academic year. 

Grade Level Supply Lists

Supply lists are efficiently organized by grade level to facilitate easy access for students and their families. Educators collaborate to compile a list of supplies that are specific to each grade's curriculum and instructional needs. 


These supplies are carefully selected to create a comfortable and prepared learning environment for young learners.

1st Grade

These supplies are carefully selected to support early literacy and numeracy development, as well as foster creativity and organization skills in first-grade students.

2nd Grade

These supplies are chosen to support continued development in reading, writing, and math skills, as well as encourage independent work and responsibility in second-grade students.

3rd Grade

These supplies are carefully selected to foster academic growth and independence as third-grade students continue to expand their knowledge and skills across various subjects.

4th Grade

These supplies are carefully chosen to promote organization, creativity, and independent learning in fourth-grade students.

5th Grade

These supplies are thoughtfully selected to foster independence, critical thinking, and a smooth transition into more complex subject areas for fifth-grade students.

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