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The most important part of Brooker Community School is our students. BCS is committed to serving our students, not just during regular school hours, but also promoting continued learning before and after school to ensure a fulfilling experience each and every day.

Toddlers in Daycare

After School Care

About EDEP

We are excited to announce our extended day enrichment program for your children! Our program is designed to provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment for students to learn and grow after school.


BCS's EDEP cost is $60 per child each week, with a one-time enrollment fee of $25.


Qualifying families may receive a discounted rate at $45 per child each week, depending on household income. Contact us for more information.

Pick-Up & Schedule

Parents will pick-up their child from the cafeteria after 2:30 pm. Families must have an EDEP pick up pass, or show photo ID to pick up their child.   

2:30 - Attendance/Snack 
3:00 - Student Choice Activity
3:30 - Homework/Literacy Focus
4:00 - Teacher Lead Activity
4:30 - Recess
5:00 - Student Choice Activity

Pick-Up & Schedule

For more information contact the EDEP Manager below.


Ashley Shelhon


Clubs & Activities

​Students are invited to participate in our morning agriculture club. This club will be a great opportunity for you to learn about different aspects of agriculture, including planting, harvesting, and caring for crops and animals.

During our meetings, we will work on a variety of projects, such as starting a vegetable garden or taking care of livestock. You will have the chance to learn about sustainable farming practices, as well as the importance of agriculture in our local community and beyond.

Check back here for more information on joining the agriculture club during the 2023-2024 school year.

Educational Gardening
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