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Ecology Gardening Tour

Brooker Community School is located in a small town that is surrounded by farms and ranches. Within a 15-mile radius of Brooker, the following agricultural areas and businesses can be found: hay fields, corn fields, watermelon fields, peanut and pecan fields, strawberry farms, vegetable farms, goat farms, horse farms, blueberry farms, chicken farms, latterly harm, swine farm, cattle ranches, and bee (honey) farms. Locally, the University of Florida (UF) offers an agricultural program that has the following: UF Dairy Teaching Unit; UF Beef Teaching Unit; Swine Teaching Unit; Sheep Teaching Unit; and UF Horticulture Greenhouses. Hydroponic Crop Production and Drone Technology will also be introduced and studied.


In keeping with the School's mission of offering students opportunities to “solve real-world problems within small, rural communities and beyond.” the School's authentic learning experiences will focus on agricultural studies. Teachers will incorporate hands-on lessons throughout all core subject areas that provide students with cross-curricular opportunities to learn about agriculture. Additionally, within the science program, teachers will enhance the core curriculum with supplementary materials that focus on agriculture in Florida. One resource that will be used is called  Florida Agriculture in the Classroom (faitc.ore). Teachers will bring agriculture into the classroom with lesson plans, activities, and resources for any subject or grade level through this online resource. Furthermore, students will participate in field trips that allow them to learn about agricultural science. Below are some examples of authentic learning experiences and field trips that may be incorporated into different subject areas and grade levels at Brooker Community School.



Mathernatics & Science

Students may learn about area and perimeter to create a garden plot using 12x12 inch squares. This activity may extend to student's garden planning by having students research plants they would like to grow in their square. Have them plant their square with proper plant spacing.


Language Arts & Science

Students may create and conduct a survey to obtain information about a topic related to agriculture and then take action to address areas of need. Surveys may be created on paper or by using digital tools that compile the data. The teacher may assist in the review and analysis of the survey results and follow-up action steps


Possible Field Trips

⦁    Visit a hay field when harvesting
⦁    Visit the local strawberry fields that also has activities for children
⦁    Visit the local cattle stockyards
⦁    Visit the local farm to watch com harvesting and drying in silos
⦁    Visit local farms and ranches to view demonstrations on the use of large equipment and heavy machinery.
⦁    Visit the University of Florida Dairy Teaching Unit
⦁    Visit a local vegetable farm to help plant seeds and then schedule a return visit to see the

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